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Perfect for businesses needing reliable no-frills business phone services or hosted VoIP options

Digital Phone - PAYG

£4 /Per Month

1-month term
  • No-frills analogue phone replacement
  • Keep your existing number
  • Pay As You Go calls
  • Keep your existing telephone
  • Uptime Allies Broadband & Router Required

Digital Phone - TALK1000

£8 /Per Month

1-month term
  • No frills analouge phone replacement
  • Keep your existing number
  • 1000 Minutes Bundled calls*
  • Keep your existing telephone
  • Uptime Allies Broadband & Router Required

Hosted VoIP - PAYG

£6 /Per Month

1-month term

Hosted VoIP - TALK2000

£12 /Per Month

1-month term

* 01/02 UK Landlines, UK Mobile Max 50% of inclusive mins, 03 UK Landlines Max 30% of inclusive mins

Client Related Questions

Wholey supported basic phone and Hosted VoIP services.

(Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make and receive phone calls as long as you have a suitable Internet connection to support it whether that be broadband or mobile data. Any voice call over the Internet is a VoIP call.

It is for any business that has a need for telephony outside of a mobile phone, has a network of people that require a switchboard, call transfer or conference calls, or has a network of offices that require interconnectivity.

In 2025, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being switched off by Openreach. This means everyone across the UK, including businesses, currently using PSTN-based services will need to upgrade to a new service ahead of this point.

Switch to VoIP for your telecommunications

  • Lower cost
  • Increased call quality
  • Flexibility & Portability
  • High reliability
  • Scalable
  • 2025 PSTN switch off ready

Additional Charges Business Phone Services

Number rental and setup

Setup Rental
Bronze £0.00 £0.00/month
Silver £0.00 £0.00/month
Gold £0.00 £0.00/month
Platinum £0.00 £0.00/month
Restarted £0.00

Typical per minute call costs

  • Landline calls (01,02,03)

  • Mobile calls


Number Porting

Single Number Import £0.00
Multi-Number Import £0.00
Date Change / Cancelation £0.00
Single Number Port Out £0.00
Multi-Number Port Out £0.00


Call Confrences £0.00
12-Month Call Recording Retention £0.00

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