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Perfect for businesses requiring no-nonsense, fast, and reliable broadband connectivity, with the expertise onhand for complex requirements.

SOGEA 80/20

£34 /Per Month

12-month term
  • Up to 80 Mbps Download
  • Up to 20 Mbps Upload
  • Free activation
  • Static IP Included
  • IPv6 Enabled
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FTTP 1000/115

£46 /Per Month

12-month term
  • Up to 1000 Mbps Download
  • Up to 115 Mbps Upload
  • Free activation
  • Static IP Included
  • IPv6 Enabled

FTTP 160/30

£37 /Per Month

12-month term
  • Up to 160 Mbps Download
  • Up to 30 Mbps Upload
  • Free activation
  • Static IP Included
  • IPv6 Enabled

FTTP 330/50

£39 /Per Month

12-month term
  • Up to 330 Mbps Download
  • Up to 50 Mbps Upload
  • Free activation
  • Static IP Included
  • IPv6 Enabled

FTTP 550/75

£44 /Per Month

12-month term
  • Up to 550 Mbps Download
  • Up to 75 Mbps Upload
  • Free activation
  • Static IP Included
  • IPv6 Enabled

Client Related Questions

We offer the excessive speed, secure, and dependable net connection that helps you to do what you like online.

Fibre To The Premises (also called ultrafast) is a business broadband connection, delivered through fibre optic cables directly to your premises (office/building), offering increased speeds and reliablity over traditional copper services. FTTP is simply fibre to the premises.

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access provides your business broadband connection, without the need for a traditional PSTN line which forced businesses to have a connection for both a broadband and phone line. By 2025, all services will be switched over to FTTP. Where FTTP is not available, you will be able to access SOGEA (previously FTTC).

The primary difference between SOGEA and FTTC is that SOGEA does not require a telephone line, if a phone service is required, a business can opt for a cheaper and more flexible digital phone service.

If your current broadband service is on FTTC, then you can likely carry on using the same router for SOGEA, although you'll have to change the access credentials. However, if you're opting for an FTTP service, you'll likely have to replace your router.

Yes, our SOGEA rental prices are lower than traditional FTTC products, even when adding a digital phone service to your connection.

At the moment, you can only access whichever service is available in your area. Please use our broadband checker to see what is available to you. We will always select FTTP broadband for you, where it is available.

Broadband is perfect for small and micro businesses with people and teams working remotely/moving around. Broadband is really quick to set up and because we only do business broadband, our rates of contention (the amount of users to one line) is much lower. That means improved performance and less downtime.

Benefits of our Business Broadband

  • Our broadband is super-easy to install, run and migrate
  • Fast upload and download speeds
  • All pricing clear, so no nasty surprises
  • UK-based support directly with us (we are not a re-seller meaning if you have an issue, we deal with it, not a third-party provider).
  • If you have an existing router you can choose to migrate or plug in our router with everything configured for you.
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