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Hello, we are Uptime Allies, the little brother to itcent.re

We set up Uptime Allies to help small businesses like yours manage their connectivity and telecommunications easily and flexibly.

From business broadband and web hosting, to phone, VOIP and leased lines, we provide products directly to you - saving you money, frustration and downtime so you can get on with building your business.

Solving small busy-ness

We know that small business owners are short on time and resource. And we understand that lengthy IT contracts don’t suit small businesses, so we offer low-commitment packages and pride ourselves on our clear pricing and frustration-free ordering.

Our pet hate? When providers confuse and bamboozle clients with industry jargon and cryptic acronyms. That’s why we keep it simple - always.

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James Creese

Technical Director

Karl Mitchell

Operations Director

Archie Pups

Barketing & Pawcurement Director

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